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Never Forget Not to Forget by ForgotTheNewName

i really love the picture as a whole. from J's expression to the perfect portrayal of a cynical attitude you gave the monster shadows. especially that bottom one. everything here screams your style. love the way the area hes in is all beat up. either from this little battle or just the fact that maybe J stumbled into an old haunted house or something. the shading is also really sweet. it kinda narrows in on J really bringing out that he is cornered and they are closing in on him. and J presumably put up a bit of a fight considering hes got his bomb there. it shows he was trying to survive and adds an "im doomed" sort of atmosphere. the only thing i really want to say is even remotely "bad" is his foot. and that is more than likely just the way that im looking at it. kinda looks like it was unfinished or something, but then again it could be just cut off. no? either way its not even a big deal anyway. as far as the idea, i think its a situation alot of people like to put their characters in with an impending doom look. so thats the only reason you lost 2 stars in originality. other than that, its obvious you worked hard on it and i love it. this is my first critique so i hope i did things right and fair. lol
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ForgotTheNewName Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Fair and good, thank you for the lovely critique, pocho se u ez Much appreciated.
SteedAngus Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
of course.
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